Breaking News: The Walking Dead has Cast Negan!!


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Fans of the comic book The Walking Dead always have fun whenever a new character from the series gets introduced on the TV show. It’s fun to see how closely the live-action actor matches their printed counterpart. For the most part the show has gotten so much right that even when they veer off the drawn model fans can still get into it.

But one character has fans a little worried, and it’s not just because he might be hard to find a look-alike for. Recent villain Negan has been a source of contention for fans of the comic. After all, the character drops the F-bomb like most people say “uh” or “like.” A lot of fans are of the mind that he just can’t be done on TV.

Well not only is AMC going to try and make it work, but they may have cast the perfect actor in the role.

The Hollywood Reporter has gotten the scoop that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will tackle the role of the foul-mouthed leader of The Saviors, a man so violent and cruel he makes The Governor look tame in comparison.

In the comics, The Saviors are a group of bullies who use force to make other communities bow down to their whims and give them “tributes” in the form of supplies and food for protection from the zombies that threaten them at every turn.

Speculation was rampant that Negan would soon be cast when the role of Paul “Jesus” Monroe was announced. Jesus helped to unite the Alexandria community with a few other that were unknown to Alexandria at the time and was a key member in the All Out War storyline that pitted the various communities against the Saviors.

THR says that other actors such as Matt Dillon, Timothy Olyphant and Garret Dillahunt were also in the mix for the role, which was auditioned under the name “Orin” to keep fans guessing.

Sources tell THR that Negan will debut in the season six finale, which is set to be directed by Greg Nicotero, setting up what will most likely be an extremely violent season seven.

This isn’t Morgan’s first foray into comic book-based projects. He was in such films as The Losers and Watchmen and will play Thomas Wayne in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Hopefully he can channel some of The Comedian from Watchmen and show the world why Negan is a force to be feared.