Steve Jobs Biopic Finally Locks Down Cast

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

In a move that seemed to take forever, Universal has finally released it’s final cast for the Danny Boyle directed and Aaron Sorkin scripted Steve Jobs biopic.

Michael Fassbender is official as Steve Jobs, as is Seth Rogen as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Kate Winslet as former Macintosh marketing boss Joanna Hoffman and Jeff Daniels as former Apple CEO John Sculley.

Also anounced are Katherine Waterson as Jobs’ ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan and Michael Stuhlbarg as Andy Hertzfeld, one of the MAC’s original developers.

In roles as yet unspecified are Perla Haney-Jardine, Ripley Sobo, Sarah Snook, Makenzie Moss and Adam Shapiro.

The film, based on the biography by Walter Isaacson, has seen it’s share of ups and downs. From casting woes with the likes of Chrisian Bale and switching studios from Sony to Universal, it looked like this film was on the fast track to never being made.

Production was said to have gotten underway today in San Francisco, but the Berkley area was buzzing this past Friday when production took over La Mediterranee restaurant on College Avenue. Many of the principal actors were seen as the area was transformed to an earlier era with cars from the ‘80s parked along the streets.