Common and Ian McShane Join Keanu Reeves in ‘John Wick 2’!

Keanu Reeves John-Wick

by: Marcus Rivera

John Wick 2 officially kicks off filming this week with actor Keanu Reeves back as the title character & director Chad Stahelski returning to helm the follow-up to their sleeper hit of 2014. Things have started to pick-up for the sequel over the past few weeks with Reeves shedding a little more about the plot in recent interviews and the addition of Matrix & Man of Tai Chi Co-star Tiger Chen to the cast but today we got news of a new co-star who is no stranger to the action genre.

The Wrap is reporting that Suicide Squad & Smoking Aces star Common has been added to the mix as the muscle for a female principle villainess who wants to see our hero dead; for reasons currently unknown. The actress for said villainess is still being cast. Also back is veteran actor Ian Mcshane according to The Hollywood Reporter, so we can expect a return stay at the mysterious Continental Hotel. The first film, directed by Stahelski and David Leitch, focused on Reeves as a former hitman who avenges his late wife’s legacy by taking on the Russian mob after his car is stolen and dog is killed, which was a gift from his recently departed wife.

Stahelski will helm the sequel on his own, although both directed the original with Leitch being uncredited. Basil Iwanyk will return as producer & J.J. Perry will be coordinating all the action. Leitch will soon start preparations on his own film, Focus Features’ spy thriller, The Coldest City on location in Europe.

What do you think about Common being cast to take on John Wick? Personally I loved him as Sir Ivy in Smoking Aces so I have no doubt he will bring it to Mr. Wick. Sound off below and let us know what you think!