Punisher and Elektra Costumes Revealed for Second Season of Daredevil


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

In the first season of the Marvel / Netflix show Daredevil it took quite some time for Matt Murdock to don a superhero suit – and even then it was in the season finale for all of one action sequence. The second season promises that we’ll see Hornhead in his proper duds as the trailers can attest to that.

(Or at least as proper as can be. The costume did get some flak for being such a far cry from the comics that people were saying Matt Murdock should have stuck with the black ninja pajamas he used for the majority of the first season.)

But what about Frank Castle (The Punisher) and Elektra Natchios? Will they be seen wearing their classic costumes or will they get the modern day tweak?

This poster showing our three leads should put some minds at ease:


As we can see The Punisher will get his classic skull look, but I still don’t like it. Unless they can find a way to make it plausible for him to paint a giant skull on his bulletproof vest I say it’s impractical. (And shit on it all you want, at least the Thomas Jane Punisher film made the skull shirt an option in a realistic way.)

Elektra however suffers the same costume fate as the ‘Devil though. Sure as a ninja she needs to be hidden so the black works, and she has been seen in black outfits as well as red (and blue, white, etc…) but the design is a far cry from what the comics show her in. I get it though. A revealing and flowing outfit isn’t an option in a realistic setting.

No matter what fans say these costumes are happening. However, as long as the writing and acting are on par with what the fans have come to expect from this show I’m sure minor quibbles like this can be forgiven.