Revealed: The First Look at ‘Lost’ Alum Ken Leung in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’!

Star Wars The Force Awakens Logo

by: Jay Carlson

One of the best things about the last seasons of Lost was Miles Straume, the sarcastic medium who saw dead people. It’s not surprising that actor Ken Leung made an impression on J.J. Abrams during his time on the hit ABC show. Leung also popped up for a guest stint on the Abrams produced, Person of Interest a few years later. Over the years and many projects Abrams has gone back to his stable of trusted actors, using Keri Russell, Jorge Garcia, Jennifer Garner, Michael Emerson and childhood friend Greg Grunberg over multiple projects.

It had been rumored for a while now that Leung had been added to Abrams’ Force Awakens cast, today that looks to be confirmed with an image released by Star Wars 7 News. You’ll recall they also released some other looks at familiar characters not too long ago. The image below of Leung looks to come from that same set of reference images.

Leung spoke briefly about his Star Wars experience with Sinembargo:

It is more than an honor [to be in Star Wars], it is like an amusement park for adults, as it is all very magical, as if you were a child, it is rare, something really great and I can not say more than I am there, because everything is so secret, It was just my pages, I could not leave my dressing room because there were planes trying to take pictures of us, a real secret. 

What do you think? Were you a fan of Leung on Lost or any of his other roles over the last two decades?