Edgar Wright’s Next to be ‘Baby Driver’!



Deadline is reporting that Edgar Wright’s next film will be ‘Baby Driver’. Wright abruptly left Marvel’s ‘Ant Man’, a project he had been attached to since 2006, back in May. This left people wondering when he would begin work on a new project and what that project would be. Early indications were that he might begin work on another project that he’s been attached to for a while, ‘The Night Stalker’.

‘The Night Stalker’ would be a big screen version of the cult show from the 70’s starring Darren McGavin as a reporter who investigates supernatural occurrences in Chicago. Johnny Depp is attached to play Carl Kolchak.

Not much is known about ‘Baby Driver’ and it seems likely that he prefers to keep it that way. He told Empire in 2009, “I think when I do that one I’d like to go completely silent for once. Probably because it’s not an adaptation or anything, or a sequel to anything else. I’d like to just make it in private, basically.”  It’s been described as “as a collision of crime, action, music and sound.”