Kristen Bell Joins Melissa McCarthy and Peter Dinkladge in ‘Michelle Darnell’

by: Jay Carlson

Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell has signed on to join Melissa McCarthy and Peter Dinklage in the upcoming Michelle Darnell. 

The film, based on a character created by McCarthy will be directed by Ben Falcone. Variety reports the story will focus on “a titan of industry who is sent to prison after she’s caught for insider trading. When she emerges ready to rebrand herself as America’s latest sweetheart, not everyone she screwed over is so quick to forgive and forget.”

Bell will play Darnell’s former assistant.

I’ve loved Kristen Bell since Veronica Mars, but she’s failed to really make much of an impact at the box office (Outside of her voice work in Disney’s Frozen). I’d love to see her finally catch on to a larger audience. This one seems like it could be a step in the right direction.

What do you think? I’m hoping that Michelle Darnell is not going to be more of the same from McCarthy. I honestly feel like she’s played the exact same character in every film she’s done since Bridesmaids.