So Max Landis isn’t Actually Writing Ghostbusters 3, But Can He?



Unconfirmed rumors swirled last night that Max Landis was writing Ghostbusters 3. He took the time to shoot it down this morning via his Twitter account.

But then something happened. He dished what his take would be. And I have to admit, I really liked it in theory. I have been on record many times that there shouldn’t be another Ghostbusters film. Especially without the involvement of Ramis, Reitman and Murray. What can I say, Landis swayed me a little tiny bit.

Take a look for yourselves:

Did Landis just pull an amazing power move where he publicly dropped the best pitch for the film to force the studio to bring him in on the project so that they could use his excellent ideas? I can’t imagine that they’ve generated anything better that would come close to satisfying original fans while setting things up for the next generation.

At this point, if this thing ever gets made it inevitably will be compared to this pitch if it falls short.

Great move, Max Landis.