Marvel Studios Screen Tested Several Young Actors for Spider-Man

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

So the rumors of exactly who will play Peter Parker and his wall-crawling alter ego Spider-Man has been the subject of many articles on the internet these past few weeks. The latest story had Asa Butterfield being the favorite and the word was that the role was his if he wanted it.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Butterfield is just one of many actors who recently screen-tested for the web-slinger. Along with Butterfield, here’s who else Marvel Studios and Sony has been looking at:

Tom Holland. Holland will probably be best remembered for his role in the tsunami disaster movie The Impossible.

Judah Lewis. Lewis has a few roles coming up, including that of a young Johnny Utah in the upcoming Point Break remake.

Matthew Lintz. You can see Lintz this summer in the video-games-attack movie Pixels. He’s also done some TV work, like Sleepy Hollow.

Charlie Plummer. Most will know Plummer from the hit HBO period drama Boardwalk Empire.

Charlie Rowe. The former Red Band Society star would have a full plate if he took on this role, as he is already tapped for David Fincher’s upcoming HBO show.

Now, any of these kids could be Spider-Man. Of all these actors, I’m still leaning towards Butterfield. They all have the look, but at least Butterfield has the experience of the big budget flick, having starred in Ender’s Game.

Whoever is getting the part, Marvel and Sony will probably be choosing soon. The character’s first appearance will be in Captain America: Civil War which is already underway with principal photography before going on to star in his own solo flick.