New Trailer: ‘The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened?’


by: Jay P. Carlson

Help support a project that we all need to see, the story of what the hell happened to Tim Burton’s Superman. Superman Lives is one of the biggest what-ifs in film history. Nicolas Cage as Superman? Oh boy. Doomsday as a dinosaur-like creature? Ugh.

If only filmmaker Jon Schnepp had the funds to make a miniseries on all the various other Superman related films that fell apart over the years. It would need to encompass the McG Superman film written by JJ Abrams, Batman Vs Superman directed by Wolfgang Peterson and written by Andrew Kevin Walker and finally George Miller’s Justice League. Supes certainly had a particularly difficult time making it to movie screens prior to Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. 

I personally think we dodged a monumental bullet when Superman Lives fell apart. But it certainly looks like a hell of a story. Take a look at the trailer and throw a few bucks in to help Jon Schnepp complete his vision, he’s not too far away from his goal.