Trailer: Ethan Hawke, Dakota Johnson, Ed Harris and Milla Jovavich in ‘Cymbeline’


Ethan Hawke might just be the king of the modernized adaptation. He was in Alfonso Cuaron’s Great Expectations, a film I really like. Then there was that version of Hamlet from 2000 that Hawke starred in and featured Bill Murray as Polonius which was also pretty great.

Hawke has re-teamed with his Hamlet director Michael Almereyda for another Shakespeare modernization with Cymbeline, based on the play of the same name. The trailer certainly looks intriguing and I loved what Almereyda and Hawke put together with Hamlet so many years ago. After Boyhood and Before Midnight Hawke get a free pass for an occasional Getaway (yeesh that one wasn’t good) 

Is anyone else interested in this one?