Michael B. Jordan Joins Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Man, can this cast for Black Panther get any better?

The Hollywood Reporter dropped the bomb that Michael B. Jordan will reunite with director Ryan Coogler for a third time in the upcoming Marvel Studios film Black Panther.

Jordan joins Chadwick Boseman and possibly Lupita Nyong’o. Boseman will be playing the titular cat-themed hero who pretty much stole the show in Captain America: Civil War while Nyong’o (who hasn’t officially signed yet) is up for the female lead / love interest of the hero.

It’s unknown who Jordan would play but it would be interesting to see him play a villain in this film (he’s so good at playing the hero / underdog / good guy that this would be a great change of pace). Black Panther has a great cast of villains to pick through, from Achebe (think Joker to BP’s Batman) to White Wolf (an adopted brother giving us a relationship akin to Thor and Loki) or Killmonger (villainous Batman). The young actor could take one of these roles and really churn out a great performance.

As the second Human Torch (after Chris Evans) to leave FOX’s Fantastic Four (or is that Fant4stic?), I’m hoping we get to see Michael B. Jordan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for not only this but future films as well.

Black Panther is set to claw it’s way into theaters February 16, 2018.