Michael Fassbender Considering ‘Entering Hades’


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

As if battling the X-Men didn’t make life hot enough, now Michael Fassbender is contemplating a walk through the underworld.

Deadline is reporting that the acclaimed actor is currently in talks for the the movie adaptation of the book Entering Hades, a true crime story about serial killer Jack Unterweger.

The book, written by John Leake, focuses on Unterweger and his continent-crossing murder spree. By day he would travel the world as a journalist and author investigating stories. But the other side of his coin was the trail of bodies this madman left behind – eleven in all across a number of places.

Fassbender as a world-traveled serial killer? Where do I sign up to watch that? Hopefully this pans out and something comes of it. The actor’s producing partners are on board which is what prompted his name being added to the mix. Birdman writer Alexander Dinelaris is said to be writing the page-to-screen adaptation.

Currently no production start dates have been mentioned so this one may be a ways off. But if Fassbender gets involved I’d expect to see this one get fast-tracked ASAP.