Nick Frost to Give us ‘The Finger’

by: S. Scott Stanikmas 

British comedian Nick Frost is coming to a small screen in your living room soon! Deadline reports that Frost has been cast as the lead in The Finger, a new comedy recently picked up by ABC.

From Modern Family writer Ben Karlin, The Finger is the story of the world’s most famous jewel thief who wants to quit his life of crime and open up a sandwich shop, all to do right by his nine year old son. Obviously hilarity will ensue as it’s never easy to give up a life of crime cold turkey.

Frost will star as Nick Ferguson aka The Finger.

This isn’t Frost’s first foray into American TV. He was originally cast in the FOX pilot Sober Companion alongside Justin Long. Frost was to play an alcoholic lawyer who is assigned Long as a sober companion who will run his life and keep him on the straight and narrow. The pilot was shown a lot of love at presentations but FOX, as of yet, has yet to order it to series.

Both actors’ original deals have expired, but Frost and Long reportedly loved the project and working with each so much that they would have been willing to come back if it got picked up. But now that Frost may be going to ABC, that puts a definite wrench in those plans.