Remastered ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Gets a Trailer

Decisions, decisions. This one releases in Boston the same weekend of the Nantucket Film Festival. I’ll be at the festival, but this one makes it a really tough choice.

I first saw the original ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ alone in my bedroom when I was about fourteen. I had been watching all manner of films from a very young age. Thanks to the recorded VHS film collection of my grandfather I had been watching many R-rated films that I should not have been. I got to know Charles Bronson via the ‘Death Wish’ series and ‘The Evil That Men Do’. I became aware that you don’t mess with John Rambo after ‘First Blood,’ I learned why you don’t hijack a jetliner when Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin are on the ‘Delta Force.’

Even with the myriad of movies I had ingested as my regular diet, I wasn’t ready for Tobe Hooper’s ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ The movie scared the shit out of me. The tone, the way it was shot, the unknown actors and actresses and the documentary-style way it was shot all formed the perfect storm of a scary as fuck horror film. I loved it from the moment I finished it and I love it now, all these years later. It is one of the few perfect horror films that belongs on a pedestal with Night of the Living Dead and Halloween.