Momoa OUT Sarsgaard IN on Antoine Fuqua’s ‘Magnificent Seven’

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Antoine Fuqua’s Magnificent Seven remake grew by one but also shrunk by one as well.

Variety is reporting that Peter Sarsgaard is in final talks to play the villain, a robber baron that takes over a town with his gang of thugs. I like that casting. Sarsgaard is a versatile actor with a great range when given good material to work with. If he can play it almost over-the-top without tipping into cheesy, this could be awesome.

But with the good news comes the bad. Deadline is saying that, even though the studio is denying it, Jason Momoa has left the project. Apparently it had something to do with the part not having enough to do and say to make it worth his time.

That’s too bad. I like Momoa’s work. I keep trying to pimp Wolves to anyone I can because I liked Momoa’s role as the big bad in that film.

Fuqua’s remake of the 1960 classic western is set to start Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Chris Pratt and a slew of other top names. Westerns are a tough sell in this day and age, but there are some good ones to come out in recent years like 3:10 to Yuma and Slow West. With a cast like that and a script that was originally worked on by True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto, it’s hard to not get excited for a flick like this.