Noomi Rapace is F’n Out, Danny McBride is F’n in on Alien: Covenant


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

It would seem Danny McBride is going Eastbound and Down to the far reaches of outer space.

The Wrap reports that the actor is in early talks to join the cast of Alien: Coevnant, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel and eventual lead-up to the events of the first Alien film.

McBride would join fellow newcomer Katherine Waterson and returning cast member Michael Fassbender. The film will find the crew of a ship called the Covenant discovering what they think is an uninhabited Paradise-like planet. But when they land they find the android David (Fassbender) waiting – and that the paradise they think they found is actually a lot more dangerous than they thought.

This would give McBride a chance to really stretch his wings as an actor and take on some more serious fare than we’ve currently seen him in. He’s mostly known for his “frat pack” and “stoner-like” comedic stylings, but He’s definitely done some dramatic turns in independent work occasionally and there are some amazing  quiet moments of Eastbound that are downright heartbreaking.

Apparently when Scott and McBride met up they hit it off great, as the two (being huge movie buffs) started talking about old films and the like. That has to be good sign.

Alien: Covenant is currently penciled in for and October 2017 release.