‘Toy Story 4’ Will be a Sequel but not a Continuation of ‘Toy Story 3’

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

I remember seeing Toy Story 3 in theaters and thinking what a perfect way to end the series. It told a story of growing up and putting away childhood for the adventure that is adulthood. But Woody, Buzz and the gang still had a good home with another kid who needed friends just like Andy did when he was growing up.

I was a little dismayed by hearing that a sequel was going to be made, but the more I read about it the less nervous I became. The creators would be coming back for another go around because they had a tale that needed to be told. It’s a story that came from the love of storytelling, not the love of money.

Now it seems that love will be the central theme of this film, it will not be a direct continuation of the franchise that we all grew up watching.

Now, this may sound like some Neill Blomkamp/Alien movie runaround, but it actually makes sense. In an interview with Disney Latino, Pixar president Jim Morris said that while the fourth film is the next chapter in the TS saga, it won’t be a direct sequel to the first three films and that it will be a romantic comedy.

This film is being treated as separate from the first three, as Morris feels that the third film “ended in a beautiful way and completed a trilogy.” This new movie will focus less on the interaction of the children and the toys and more on the toys themselves.

So it seems like it will be going in the direction the short films went, putting the focus on the toys and letting them run wild. And the RomCom angle sounds interesting. With a new cast of friends possibly joining the mix, anything seems possible now. This also makes more sense as to why Will McCormack and Rashida Jones will be scripting (the duo has experience in the romantic comedy area, having penned the film Celeste and Jesse Forever.)

Toy Story 4 is set to hit theaters June 16, 2017.