A New Look at the Stormtroopers of The Force Awakens via New Star Wars Black Series Figures

Star Wars The Force Awakens Logo

by: Jay Carlson

Recently six inch Star Wars Black Series versions of the First Order Stormtroopers began popping up on Ebay for astronomical sums of money from a seller out of Hong Kong.

Star Wars Black Stormtrooper

It seemed strange that these were the only merchandise that is popping up this early from The Force Awakens. Thanks to ebay and the folks over at Jedi Insider we have some new images of the packaging for the figure. Considering the packaging is much different than previous Star Wars Black figures, it’s being theorized that the figure may be a D23 or San Diego Comic Con Exclusive. Also interesting is that it seems to contain a mini-book called Evolution of a Stormtrooper.