Showrunner Considers Second Season of Daredevil to be Daredevil vs Punisher!


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

One of the more well received series this year was the Marvel / Netflix series Daredevil. This marked the first in a bunch of shows that would highlight and showcase Marvel’s street-level heroes. Fans and critics alike agreed that Daredevil was probably one of the best things Marvel has done. So an announcement for a second season was pretty much a forgone conclusion.

With the addition to the cast of Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, the vigilante known as The Punisher, fans have wondered what we would see – will Punisher and Daredevil butt heads? How will the two interact in their missions to clean up Hell’s Kitchen? We saw Daredevil and Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk have opposing views as to how to help HK and we saw how that ended up (SPOILER ALERT: Fisk ended up in jail). What will the outcome be when the two anti-heroes clash?

Nerdist caught up with Marco Ramirez, who along with Doug Petrie will serve as showrunner for the upcoming season. Ramirez confirmed that the next season will be Daredevil vs The Punisher.Daredevil Punisher

That doesn’t mean that Castle is Fisk’s place at the top of the crinimal food chain. It most likely means that in the Kingpin’s absence, a void has been created. A bunch of greedy criminal will most likely try for a power grab – and that’s when The Punisher will hit, cutting a bloody swath through the underworld element in Hell’s Kitchen.

So it will be a battle of morals. While he may have violent ways as a means to an end, Daredevil isn’t a killer. The Punisher is a killer, plain and simple. But don’t think it won’t be a physical battle. I expect many fights brutal and violent fights between the two vigilantes.

There have also been rumors of Elektra and Bullseye being involved in the next season. How they get involved is still up in the air. Could Wilson Fisk be pulling string from his prison cell to ensure his spot is still there for him when he eventually gets out?

We’ll find out when season 2 of Daredevil hits Netflix in 2016.