‘True Detective’ Season 2 May Have a Fast Director


Justin Lin (Fast and the Furious 3-6) is in talks to direct a couple episodes of the second season of True Detective. This is absolutely wrong for a couple of reasons. First, while I really enjoy the Fast and the Furious films of Justin Lin, this is not the type of filmmaker I envision picking up the reins after Cary Fukunaga’s revelatory first season. I’m not asking for someone who to make season two look exactly like season one. Quite the opposite, actually. I want it to look and feel different but still retain the edge.

HBO should be looking to bring on another up and coming director, the way they did with Cary Fukunaga. Or go completely the opposite direction and go with an older established name that could bring something altogether different to the show. I liked William Friedkin’s name being thrown out there a while back. But ultimately I think it would be a mistake to bring Justin Lin onboard. It’s the equivalent of hiring Michael Bay from 1995 to direct episodes.

My second issue with Justin Lin’s name being thrown out there has nothing to do with Lin at all. It was reported that he is in talks to direct a couple of episodes. The reason that season one gelled so well (besides the other-worldly performance of Matthew McConaughey) was the careful eye of Cary Fukunaga. I was quick to praise the show for putting it all in one directors hands. I believe having the right director’s singular vision is far more important than having a few big name guest directors. It’s a mistake to stray from this formula in season two.

What do you think? Is Justin Lin a good idea for True Detective?