Finally! Derek Zoolander and Hansel Hit the Catwalk Again!

by: Jay Carlson

Derek Zoolander and Hansel walked the runway at the Valentino Women’s Collection Fall/Winter 2015-16 Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week on March 10, 2015 in Paris, France to officially announce that they would be returning to cinema screens in Zoolander 2 on February 12, 2016.

Upon its initial release Zoolander fizzled, but definitely flipped a profit, at the box office. Thanks to home video and TV airings the film has built a huge Cult following. I, myself, recall seeing it opening night with a group of friends and at the end of the film not knowing if I had really liked it or not. (This same thing has happened over the years with many films that I grew to love) It took another viewing at home, months later, to lock in for me.

As the Zoolander cult expanded, whispers of a sequel grew into a demanding roar. Stiller himself commented on the sequel in June of last year, stating “The film’s been discussed and in some way in the works for ten years. But there are no plans to start production any time soon.”

That seemed to suddenly change when it was announced that Penelope Cruz would join Stiller in the sequel and that he would be directing from a script written by himself and Justin Theroux.

I’m beyond excited to see Zoolander and Hansel back at it on the runway. I hope all this time has enabled Stiller and company to come up with a solid premise for the next adventure.