Are These the Bad Guys in ‘Batman V Superman’?

Latino Review posted an interesting piece about who the upcoming villains are in ‘Batman V Superman’. They have the following names:

Victor Zsazs


‘A serial killer Batman fights early on in Gotham City. He usually kills with just a knife and carves a tally mark somewhere on himself for every victim. A real nasty piece of work’

Morgan Edge

7-3-2014 10-55-48 AM

“In the movie, Edge is a total slimeball and a public relations exec for Lexcorp. Basically, he’s Lex Luthor’s mouth piece. We meet Edge early on when he goes toe to toe with Lois Lane in a television talk show. In the movie’s backstory, Edge and Luthor were members of the most notorious gangs ever to come out of Hob’s Bay.”

Wait! Luthor is a former gang member? I don’t know about all that…

David Cain


“One of the world’s deadliest assassins, 50s, who meets with Luthor’s bodyguard Mercy Graves to set up an assassination.”

They are also reporting that character Amanda Waller is in the film. Waller is a “very stern and focused senator with an intimidating presence. She doesn’t trust Superman. At all. Sees him as a threat and comes up with a counter measure”


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