Anyone Order the Joe Dirt Sequel? Anyone? Anyone?

Joe Dirt

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

What have we as a society done so wrong to deserve this?

It was announced that David Spade will once again don the mullet and reprise the character of Joe Dirt in a longtime-in-the-works sequel. The project will debut on Crackle. For those not aware, Crackle is like a TV channel on the internet. The content run is free to watch, but they have advertisements to offset the revenue needed to run something like that. So the assumption is that when Joe Dirt 2 is finished filming it will just be put on the website free to watch (as long as you don’t mind watching a first run movie with commercials).

Is David Spade that hard up for something to do? Couldn’t he just do what Rob Schneider does and latch onto whatever half thought out vacation project Adam Sandler is doing? I tried to watch Joe Dirt a few times when it ran on cable. I couldn’t even keep it on as background noise while I cleaned the apartment.

I’m obviously not the target audience here. It does have a somewhat cult following, but most everything does nowadays. I’m sure the hardcore Joe Dirt fans will be happy with this announcement. And hopefully Crackle finds what it needs by funding this, whether it is a larger audience or better advertisers.

I just hope it doesn’t lead to Joe Dirt 3.

4 thoughts on “Anyone Order the Joe Dirt Sequel? Anyone? Anyone?

  1. I have no dog in this, but plenty of people I know went bananas over this news. There is a demand. I’m happy for them. Redneck fun.

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