Eddie Izzard set to go on a (Junior) Bender


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Comedian extraordinaire Eddie Izzard has been tapped by the NBC Network to bring Timothy Hallihan’s latest character Junior Bender to the small screen. While not set to star in the possible series, NBC has looked to the funny man to adapt Hallihan’s set of four novels into a possible ongoing series.

Junior Bender is a private eye for the elite scum of the underworld. If you can’t go to the police, you usually wind up at Bender’s door looking for help. I haven’t read any of the Bender novels but I do remember picking up and looking at the first book, Crashed, when it came out. Just from reading the back synopsis it sounded like something I’d be into- A down on her luck childhood star actress turns to making a quick buck doing porn, but someone will stop at nothing to get the production shut down. That’s when Bender gets blackmailed into finding out who’s behind the sabotage before the financier loses any more money.

Junior Bender sounds like a character that belongs on the screen. The first book alone sounds like a premise for a great first season. Hopefully Izzard, along with co-writers Jessica Ball and Sarah Townsend, is just the person to bring Bender to the TV watching masses.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a book that I need to order.

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