Men in Black / Jump Street Crossover Gets a Title


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer  

One of Sony’s more offbeat ideas that was exposed during the infamous email hack of 2014 was that a possible crossover between the Men In Black and Jump Street franchises was being considered. That’s a weird little idea that might work to help revive the MIB series – but it could also kill the Jump Street films for any future installments.

While it wasn’t even thought of as green-lit rumors kept surfacing that this might happen.

Now we’ve got word that the crossover no one imagined would happen is happening…and the official title has been stamped on the project.

Announced at CinemaCon we now know the crossover will be titled MIB 23.

Well..that was underwhelming. It makes sense but it just seems very “meh” (not that I have any better ideas – I just don’t feel this as a title). It rhymes, I suppose.

I’m not too psyched for this project. I liked the first Men In Black film but slowly fell off with the series as it went on. I am, however, a HUGE fan of the Jump Street films. Would I have liked to see them keep it grounded in the somewhat realistic universe that they’ve already established? Sure. But I’m not a big Hollywood executive that smells a possible big summer tentpole blockbuster so my opinion really doesn’t factor in here.

No word yet on when this film will get started but I have a feeling it won’t hit theaters until at least 2018.

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