Tim Miller Leaves Deadpool 2 Over Creative Differences


by: Joshua Outred – Staff Writer

Fox Studios’ Deadpool 2 has lost director Tim Miller over creative differences with the star of the first film, Ryan Reynolds. It’s been rumored that among the things the two butted heads on was the casting of Cable, with Miller pushing for Friday Night Light’s Star Kyle Chandler, as well as the tone of the next film.

Deadpool, which was released earlier this year and took in a massive $786 million worldwide was a huge hit for Fox, and gained trust from comic book film fans that maybe, just maybe, Fox may have finally nailed what they’d been trying to do for years, releasing a decent superhero flick.

Of course, the loss of the sequel’s director doesn’t spell the end for the Deadpool franchise, it’s definitely a kick in the teeth, however, there is many a capable visualist out there who could come aboard and put their own twist on the masked man.

With Ryan Reynolds still starring as the Marvel hero, in my opinion a role that reinvigorated his career, the sequel to Deadpool still has hope. With Tim Miller out, who do you think will take over to helm Deadpool 2? Sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you think!

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