Jesse Eisenberg and Shia LeBeouf Eyeing Todd Phillips’ ‘Arms & The Dudes’

Jesse Eisenberg


What a difference a few months makes. Back in May the early word was that Bradley Cooper and Jonah Hill were possibly circling Todd Phillips’ Arms & The Dudes, the true story of a couple of stoners who become arms dealers for the federal government. That is a movie that I’d be interested to see.

A movie that I’m less excited to see? One that replaces Cooper and Hill with Jesse Eisenberg and Shia LeBeouf. But it looks like that’s the film that Phillips might be making.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Jesse Eisenberg. He’s a very talented guy. I’m very off on LeBeouf though. Not for his acting ability. (Though Transformers didn’t do him any favors). His very ridiculous public antics are what soured me. At first I was a fan of his straight shooting when it felt like he was being real. But somewhere things took a very weird turn and I hopped off the Shia LeBeouf train. Now I’d prefer he shuts the hell up and acts. In good projects and cuts the other bullshit out.

Phillips has been working on putting this one for some years now. This is the first film under a new production partnership between Phillips and Bradley Cooper. The original story written by Guy Lawson was first published in Rolling Stone.


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