A LOT of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Concept Art Has Leaked

Last night someone dumped a LOT of Star Wars Episode VII concept art on the internet. Thankfully, it’s not everything that could have been leaked.

It looks like most of these pieces have been spoken about over at Making Star Wars recently in quite a bit of depth. I can’t say that I’ve agreed with his takes on everything that he’s written about but they’ve been really fun to read and see people’s reactions to. I’m curious to see if other people have other takes after giving them a look.

The one thing to remember is that this is all “Concept” art. There is no confirmation any of this will actually be in the film and if it is it may not be as pictured. Characters change, things evolve. So keep that in mind. There are certainly some spoilers contained in the images below, but without knowing if/where the images below will land in the final film, it’s all speculation.

That said, now that they’re out, what do you think? Let’s discuss!


3 thoughts on “A LOT of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Concept Art Has Leaked

  1. All I can see in the burnt mask poster are the following:

    1. Disney’s teaser poster image. Right there. That very picture. Just write “2015” under the mask and the poaster is done.

    2. The meshing looks like tie fighter wing panels.

    3. The nose/eyes area looks like we’re looking at a tie fighter from behind and a bit above, flying away from us with the wings open. It’s body cuts right through the middle of the mask.

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