HBO Wants you to Vacation in ‘Westworld’!



by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Boy, has HBO got a vacation for you! After producing a pilot based on the 1973 sci-fi thriller movie Westworld, it is all but confirmed that the cable company will order the series to air. At the recent Time Warner’s Investors Day many top execs and CEOs touted this and other projects as the reason why they are the top destination for the best creative voices in the business.

From the mind of Michael Crichton, who wrote and directed the original film, and updated by writer/director Jonathan Nolan (Brother of Christopher Nolan and creator of the TV action drama Person of Interest) and co-writer Lisa Joy, Westworld is the story of an amusement park vacation destination populated by lifelike androids, designed to make your every desire come to fruition. But when the AI seems to contract a computer virus and spread it amongst its artificial life forms, the dream vacation turns into a nightmare.

Set to star such names as Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Evan Rachel Wood, Miranda Otto, Thandie Newton and James Marsden, Westworld  is pulling out all the stops on the cast level. HBO doesn’t seem to have any problems attracting the big guns for their shows lately.

Set to air alongside such hits as True Detective, Game of Thrones, and Girls and upcoming shows like the Gillian Flynn / David Fincher reunion on Utopia, HBO looks like they want your undivided attention.

What do you think? Are you interested in Westworld? At this point, I think that everyone in Hollywood has a role in it.

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