Danika Yarosh up for a Role in the Jack Reacher Sequel


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

When it rains it pours for some actors. After nabbing a possible career-making role on the highly anticipated Heroes Reborn actress Danika Yarosh may be up for something even bigger.

Danika YaroshVariety reports that as long as her Heroes Reborn schedule is clear, Yarosh will be joining Tom Cruise and Cobie Smulders in the next Jack Reacher film. And the role she’s up for is quite the juicy one.

Reports were that the film would be based on the Lee Child novel Never Go Back, which readers of the book series know introduces a rather important character. For those not familiar I’ll do my usual SPOILER WARNING






Still reading? Alright. In the book Jack Reacher has a couple of issues, one of which is a paternity suit. The young lady in question acts like Reacher and enjoys many of the same things he does. Reviews say that the scenes with the possible father / daughter duo are the highlight of the book.

Whether or not she is his daughter is actually part of the overall plot resolution with the other issues in the story, so we won’t spoil that here. But Variety is confident that she is and that Yarosh is the leading candidate to portray her.

Tom Cruise’s The Last Samurai director, Ed Zwick is stepping behind the camera for the second chapter of the franchise. Shooting is scheduled to start next month and the film is penciled in for an October 1, 2016 release.

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