X-Men Series to Time Hop Again

XMen Days of Future Past

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

I’m a fan of the new timeline of the X-Men films. What started as a fun little offshoot idea with X-Men: First Class has turned into a pretty decent little second chance at a franchise that went horribly off the rails (thanks to Brett Ratner’s  X3: The Last Stand).

The time jumping concept is interesting (even if it does have a few of the mutants looking almost the same in the 80s as they do in the 60s) and it allows us to to see the X-Men in various eras without having to go through a multitude of films. So far in three films we’ve covered a little over two decades worth of time, with First Class taking place in 1962, Days Of Future Past happening in 1973 and Apocalypse being set in 1983.

So it only makes sense that following suit will be a trip to the 90s – and that was recently confirmed by someone with close ties to the films.

Producer Simon Kinberg (who also had a hand in writing DOFP and Apocalypse) had an interview with Coming Soon and did say that “The next one is set in the 90s.” While this could be the spinoff New Mutants film it would make more sense if it was the next film in the new era of X-Men films.

Hopefully they focus on this new crop of students that they introduced in Apocalypse and move forward into some of the more classic storylines that director Bryan Singer can put his stamp on.

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