Is Jon Bernthal up for a Role in David Ayer’s ‘Suicide Squad’?


Casting rumors for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad film are coming hot and heavy! It looks like we can now add Jon Bernthal’s name to the mix for a possible role. 

This weekend at the Wizard World Tulsa comic and pop culture convention Jon Bernthal heaped tons of praise on the Fury director. According to the website Renegade Cinema he was then asked whether or not he would be interested in taking a role in Suicide Squad and his response was “I can’t talk about that right now.”

That automatically sends up flags. It’s not confirmation but he’s not outright denying that he’s being considered.

Bernthal then proceeded to backtrack by saying that he didn’t mean it like that and he would love to work with Ayer some time again in the future. He then proceeded to not bring up David Ayer at all for the rest of the time he was being asked questions. 

With so many big names already being considered, who would the former The Walking Dead star play? I’d peg him for Deadshot at this point, but with Ayer rewriting the script to fit in his certain characters it’s anyone’s guess.

Do you think Bernthal’s comments are smoke leading to a possible fire?

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